dinosaur and robot illustration

Styles of illustration

Island Cartoons can provide a variety of styles of illustration for your book, advert or article. The type of illustration style you choose will effect how your writing, message or story is perceived. So if you’re a children’s writer, copywriter or journalist here are few illustration styles you should think about.

Loose pencil sketches

Pencil sketches are usually faster to complete and therefore cheaper. With the right illustrator, a quick sketch can have just as much influence as a cleaner and more detailed drawing. The benefit of using a looser drawing style is that it allows the human imagination to add detail into the image. By not spelling everything out, the drawing can work magic in the mind of the viewer.

Vector illustrations

Vector illustrations have become increasingly common and are only possible because of computers. With a vector drawing you can scale the size of the illustration without loss of quality. It’s a ‘clean’ style of illustration and can make a strong visual impact. Vector illustrations are easy to colour in and can make an illustration stand out from the page especially if used with vibrant colour.

Pen and ink (watercolour)

By combining pen and ink, an artist can create a looser and more imaginative colour illustration.  Pen and ink has been extremely successful for many famous children’s books.    Using watercolour with an ink outline can be a great way to create a variety of quality illustrations on a budget.

Detailed Illustrations and mixed media

The more detail included with an illustration, the greater the expense and time it will take to make. It’s worth noting that increasing the detail won’t automatically mean creating a better image. The more detail an artist puts into a picture the less space there is for the viewer to add their imagination. If on the other hand, more detail is required, there are all kinds of painting tools that can be used by the illustrator. These can include watercolours, oil paints, graphic pens, coloured pencils, pastels and cut outs from real photos. The types of illustration are endless – although bear in mind budgets and time constraints are not!

3D images

Since the first 3D movie (Toy Story) released back in 1995, 3D animation has exploded in popularity. Although there are relatively few children’s book illustrations created in 3D, the number is growing. One of the disadvantages of 3D is the large amount of skilled labour that goes into creating the character models, rigging them, lighting and rendering them for the final image. The benefits of 3D however are the ability to create hundreds more similar images using the same model without having to start from the beginning – perfect for animation. If budgets are not a problem and you enjoy, like millions of other around the world, the look of 3D animations then why not get in touch with Island Cartoons.

Please have a look at Island Cartoons portfolio of work and if there’s a style of illustration you like here please get in touch.