Children’s illustration

kids illustration for books, toys and websites

Island Cartoons has created a variety of children’s illustrations in sketch form, watercolour and 3D. With over 15 years experience in 3D modelling, animation and drawing. We have won awards for animation and are excited to create an illustration that fits your needs and budget.

Illustrations, sketches, drawings and 3D

For 3D models, our artists texture, light and render the cartoon models to a high production standard. 3D is highly time consuming and therefore relatively expensive compared with 2D drawings. Choosing a 2D illustration style maybe more effective for a lower budget.

Children’s illustrator styles

  • Quick black and white sketches
  • Pen and ink colour drawings
  • Vector style drawings
  • 3D cartoon models
Please have a look at our illustration, animation and cartoon portfolio showing some of Jon Ireland’s work.

Rocket & Liftoff kids illustration
Mad Scientist children's illustration
Klump Robot children's illustration
liftoffs home childrens illustration
cowboy illustration for book
lollipop children's illustration
cat children's illustration
Cartoon drawing
cartoon man running sketch
dinosaur and robot illustration
Man walking watercolor sketch
Rocket&Liftoff machine sketch
big robot illustration
boy and lollypop lady watercolour
robot children's illustration